At summusgroup, we view business transformation as an opportunity to define a new strategy that goes beyond small incremental change.  We partner with our clients to rethink how their organization creates value today and in the future through careful consideration of ambition, integration, processes, technology, and talent.


“One study suggests that 75% of the S&P 500 will turn over in the next 15 years. Another says that one in three companies will delist in the next five years.”

“Most corporations understand this, with 93% of more than 900 respondents surveyed [by Forbes] saying that they have just completed, are planning or are in the midst of a business transformation”

“A full 70% of change management programs fail to meet their goals, often due to a lack of planning for what happens post-launch.”


Across Banking & Capital Markets, Regulatory & Compliance, and FinTech & Digital Payments.

Tactics and Solutions: due to multiple business acquisitions, the client needed to integrate associates, processes, and technology.  summusgroup partnered with the client and…

  • Conducted an end-to-end risk and business architecture assessment.

  • Designed a new engagement model to better align managers to clients based on geographic position.

  • Overhauled training program of new delivery and sales associates to better service over 150 clients.

  • Standardized leadership roles and expectations for associate growth.

  • Decommissioned legacy tools and managed migration of historic data.

  • Facilitated integration of client management teams across multiple business units to achieve a repeatable user experience.

Associate Satisfaction

Increase in Associate Satisfaction

Standardized processes and roles resulted in 22% increase in associate satisfaction scores

Revenue Retention

Revenue Retained

Three year revenue retention calculated at $80MM

Issue Resolution Rate

Increase in Speed and Efficiency

Improved issue awareness driving faster communication; consistent interaction across multiple products and services 

$2MM Annual Savings


Technology run rate reduced by $2MM annually with tool consolidation

Tactics and Solutions: the client had multiple acquisitions that led to disparate billing process and technology issues.  summusgroup partnered with the client and…

  • Identified opportunities of $30MM+ in future years.

  • Reconciled contracts, amendments, and SOWs against invoices and billing configurations for 200+ customers.

  • Partnered with 10 functional areas across the Enterprise, including Accounting, Professional Services, Finance, and Legal to verify results, recoup lost revenue and correct go-forward invoicing.

  • Recommended the realignment of the Enterprise Accounting organization to establish dedicated billing teams resulting in deeper cross-Business Unit engagement and increased accuracy / efficiency.

$34MM Recoverable Revenue

.                                                                             .

Exceeded client goal by $32MM 

Associate Satisfaction

Increase in Associate Satisfaction

Organizational re-alignment and increase in efficiency resulted in 32% increase in associate satisfaction scores

Customer Assessment

Customers Reviewed

12 week review of over 200 customers to ensure accuracy of contracts and billing

Integration of Core Teams

Functional Areas

E2E Program Structure integrated 10 functional areas across the impacted business unit