A group of friends and entrepreneurs with backgrounds in ‘Big 4’ consulting and Fortune 100 leadership discussed how hard it was to find reliable consultants with passion, drive, and commitment – especially at a reasonable value. It was with this simple premise from which summusgroup was born. 

We are now a rapidly growing, nationally recognized Management Consulting firm built on highly driven individuals with a team mindset and experience working across industries with companies of all sizes. 

summusgroup is a family. When we assign a resource, we know them. We understand them. It’s personal to us. You won’t get a random person sitting on the bench, from another random office.

We relentlessly pursue the happiness of our associates, the satisfaction of our clients, and the improvement of our communities with integrity and passion. At summusgroup, our Core Purpose, Vision, and Mission are simple; build a consulting company focused on four instrumental Core Values:

Drive to be Great

  • Be the best version of yourself.

  • Strive to leave a legacy marked by a commitment to helping others grow into the best they can be.

  • Seek opportunities.

Lead by Example

  • Be the leader others want to follow.

  • Put your personal agenda aside.

  • Assume the best in others.

  • Always be professional.

Take Action

  • Be proactive.

  • Identify and suggest opportunities that add value and improve our company, our clients and our community.

  • Take an active role in your own career growth.

Be Resilient

  • Understand that with great challenges come great opportunities.

  • Persevere through difficulties while maintaining professionalism in all interactions.

  • Be adaptable and flexible. Have the ability to shift quickly to meet the needs of the moment.